Pet Coupons – How to be a Savvy Couponer

Pet Coupons – How to be a Savvy Couponer

Whether you’re a pet parent or not I’m here to help my readers wade through the sometimes daunting task of couponing. I work diligently to find the best possible deals online and off as well as give money saving tips/advice on how to find pet coupons that work for you and your family. These are some of my favorite coupon sites.

Online Pet Coupons:
PetCareRX Coupons
Petco Coupons
Only Natural Pet Store Coupons
Pet360 Coupons
PetSmart Coupons
Pet Food Direct Coupons

Other Online Resources: is awesome and you get paid to shop – rocks
Amazon Prime – you can’t beat the free next day shipping – has a little bit of everything– Huge selection of coupons and products

Checkout 51
Shop at home

Here are some tips for newbies and some of the places I look for coupons:

• Local Newspapers
• Magazines- particularly women’s periodicals
• When you hit the grocery store- look for coupon flyers
• My Favorite – Online
• Junk mail- we all hate it but if you can get something from it before pitching, I mean recycling all the better
• Manufacturer websites – for printables
• Consumer reports

Different Strokes for Different Folks:
• Clipping out all coupons and sharing with co-workers the ones you won’t use
• Clipping only the coupons that you intend to use so you aren’t tempted to buy something you won’t use just because it’s on sale
• “As-needed” basis

Stay Organized:
Develop a filing system. Find a system that works for you
• Organize coupons by grocery category–dairy, frozen foods, deli, etc
• By aisle,
• By expiration, etc
• Use a container or binder to hold your coupons
• Try to file coupons the same day you get them
• Purge – it feels soooo good
• Coupon Binder

Maximize Your Savings:
You never know when a deals going to pop up so keep your coupons with you
• Match coupons to sales at big box stores
• Learn your stores coupon policies
• Buy in bulk with staples (i.e. TP, toothpaste, laundry detergent)
• Be a clever couponer and get creative

Offline Resources:
• Close outs
• Business moving
• Clearance sales
• After the holidays prices get slashed to make room for new inventory. I found that out when we moved to Madison in January and had to furnish an entire apartment

Online/Offline Resources:
• Some cities have online grocery shopping and delivery, I’m familiar with Peapod. I find it’s a great way to stay on track and not impulse purchase. You don’t have to go out in extreme weather conditions and your husband doesn’t come home with only condiments

• Free Meal Planner
• Household Notebook

Couponing is a win, win. It’s not terribly time consuming once you have a routine. So grab a glass of wine and a scissor and get snippin’. Woof!


Pet Coupons

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