Celebrating the Holidays with our Dogs

Celebrating the Holidays with our Dogs

Celebrating The Holidays With Our DogsThe holiday season is joyful and festive but it also is a source of stress and anxiety, not only for you but also your four legged friend(s).

Get ahead of the game this year and start preparing your dog for all the raucous activity. Here are some pointers to keep in mind for you and your pet over the holidays. Let’s start with prepping the house for safety issues (these tips also apply if a baby is on board)

Christmas Trees
If your dog is a curious one, avoid tinsel, garland, popcorn and cranberry strands, If ingested they can cause serious internal injuries.  Ribbons, bows and string on packages around the tree can lead to choking or possible strangulation

If you have a real tree, (not artificial) be sure the Christmas tree stand contains only water.  Anti-freeze and preservatives have been known to be added to the water to extend the trees longevity. DON’T do it, it can be deadly if your pet drinks it.

Try your best to stabilize the tree.  We don’t want Fido or a toddler getting trapped under the tree.

Electrical Cords
Try to hide the cords as best as possible or use cord covers which are reasonable and you can get them at your local big box store.

Snow Globes
These are another product that uses a poisonous substance in the globe’s water. Be sure they are placed out of reach of curious pets.

Scented candles
With their keen sense of smell, this will be a very attractive treat for your pets.  Make sure to keep them well out of their reach and remember to extinguish them when leaving the area.

Tomorrow we’ll discuss dogs stressers and how to cope while celebrating the holiday’s with our dogs.

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